About Us

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company with years of experience inspecting homes in Nanaimo and the surrounding area. We have all certifications and licenses required under British Columbia and Canada law, and we use cutting-edge technology to find problems that other inspection companies will miss. Our inspectors are experienced, professional, courteous, and thorough. Our inspection reports will give you the knowledge you need to buy or sell your home with confidence, and we are always available by phone for follow-up questions or to help you interpret your inspection report. We work for you, and our work isn’t done until you are satisfied.

Services We Provide

We offer a complete inspection for both buyers and sellers from the foundation to the roof. We inspect detached homes, condominiums, and townhomes (including common areas and underground garages), and mobile homes. We can review strata minutes and property depreciation reports to find hidden concerns that other inspectors will miss. Our services also include sewer inspection, construction inspection, and warranty inspections for new construction. As well, our inspectors are specially trained to use infrared thermal imagining to detect major deficiencies which are often invisible to the naked eye, including hidden moisture and termite damage, leaky pipes, dry rot, mold, pest infestations, air quality concerns, and leaking air (indicative of energy loss).