Common Problems Found During Home Inspection

The home you are currently living in may have lots of problems that you are not aware of, if you decide to sell, the person buying in his/her best interest might decide to get the home inspected. There is nothing wrong with that, the only issue is, the inspection report will heavily influence the buyer’s decision.

Although different, homes generally share the same problems. The most common problems found during home inspection are:

Damaged roof

Ever been out in a storm? If you have you noticed your skin takes the most damage, right? The roof on your home is very similar to your skin. It takes damage from the sun, heavy winds, hail and rain, Kids throwing rocks, animals and many other things. A damaged roof means that water and moisture enter your home and that can lead to even more problems such as mold, water damage and in some cases structural problems.

 The funny thing is some home inspectors don’t climb up the roof to look for problems. To be safe make sure that you get your inspector to check your roof, trust me replacing the entire roof is not cheap.

Poor drainage and grading

This problem may be hard to detect in areas that receive little to no rainfall, the problem is if left unchecked it can lead to water seepage which may lead to foundation issues and other problems. When buying a home it is important to make sure that drainage and grading was done properly.  If a grading or drainage problem is found, you have no option but to regrade before things get worse. By far grading and drainage issues are the most reported problems found by home inspectors with close to 40% of home inspectors reporting it.

Poor overall maintenance

Most of us notice problems only after bad things happen, think about it, remember that time you were in the shower and the hot water didn’t work? Or that time you turned on your tap and smelly brown water flowed?

Maintaining a home especially those hard to reach places is hard work and most of us are not willing to do it. The problem is if you don’t do it for long enough, problems will accumulate and sooner or later. You will have to spend lots of money on repairs or replacements.

The most common problems caused by lack of maintenance are:

  • Plumbing problems
  • exterior problems including wall surfaces, windows, doors, water stripping etc
  • Poor ventilation
  • Deficient heating systems

Mold and pest problems

Pest problems are common in homes that haven’t been lived in a long time. What usually happens when humans leave is, rats, raccoons, ants, and many other animals find a new home. On the other hand mold and moisture problems are caused by water, there may be an indicator of something worse such as a damaged roof or poor grading and drainage. The funny thing is some home inspectors don’t check for these problems despite the fact that mold and pests are found in almost all homes.

Some other common problems found during home inspection are:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Foundation flaws
  • Old systems
  • Damaged gutters

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