Things to Look for Before Selling Your Home

Did you know that your emotional connection with your home is as strong as your connection with your pet or kids? Your home is not just four walls that you grew up in or raised a family in, it is where you sleep, eat and it is part of you. When it comes time to part with it your emotions might keep you from making the right decisions.

Think about it, in your head, your house is the best thing ever. That might make you think that it is more valuable that it is. The problem with that is you might be setting yourself up for disappointment when you sell the house or home for let’s say half of what you thought its worth. Why am I telling you this?

Before you sell your home you must first disassociate yourself from it

Selling your home is a business transaction; there is no room for emotions here. You have to think like a businessman/woman. The idea is to change your mindset from “selling your home” to “selling a house”. This will allow you to make the right decisions. You should put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask yourself this “would I buy this house at the proposed price?”

If you are short of time or want to sell a house fast, you should shave off 10% off the price after comparing it to similar homes in the area. 10% doesn’t seem like much but buyers love discounts meaning they will flock to you.

Are my documents in order?

Talk to an accountant and find out if you have any tax issue that you must deal with or if there are permits you need. The next step is to makes sure that you have all the paperwork needed. This is what you need:

  • Original sales contract for your house plus the purchase price.
  • Certificate of occupancy, compliance with zoning and building codes and property survey.
  • Financing and mortgage documents
  • Home repair and maintenance records
  • Natural hazard reports
  • Deed recent tax statement
  • Transfer disclosure statement
  • Listing agreement
  • Comparative market analysis
  • Appraisal and home inspection report
  • Lease agreement (if renting)
  • Homeowners insurance information

 You will need these documents in different stages of the selling process; this makes them important to keep them at arm’s length throughout the process.

Once you have the documents the next step is:

  • Find a realtor
  • Prepare the home for sale. Mow the lawn, make repairs, plant flowers etc
  • Decide whether or not you will offer a warranty

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